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Wyrd—the etymological root of the word weird—is an deity, phenomenon, and process that comes to us via ancient, animist, pagan Northern European. Wyrd is the interweaving of the mysteries of fate, destiny, nature, magic, and soul. It may be hard to believe just how all of these mysteries and phenomena may weave together into One, but they do. This is the power, beauty and magic of Wyrd.


Though Wyrd is ultimately a mystery, Wyrd can be directly experienced and known by anyone. Wyrd can also be crafted. Every person’s wyrdfate, destiny, nature, soul, and magicis unique, therefore, every person’s crafting will also be unique. I wonder what your wyrdcraft might look like?

There are different facets to this kaleidoscopic process of wyrdcraft. My book, Wyrdcraft: Healing Self and Nature Through the Mysteries of the Fates (Llewellyn Publications, 2023) walks the reader through them.

If you're interested in exploring your wyrd and communing with Wyrd, I direct you to Wyrdcraft: Healing Self and Nature Through the Mysteries of the Fates. I also invite you to work with me. Let's inquire into your wyrd holisticaly—intellectually, phenomenologically, psychologically, relationally, ecologically, spiritually and magically. Let's see where your path of revelation, healing-transformation and becoming is going. What is your fate, your destiny? What is the nature of your soul? What is your soul-purpose? And how will your healing-transformation, in turn, affect the fate, destiny and nature of the larger community, our greater ecosystems, and world?























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