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About Me

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Counselor (#112945) in the state of CA, as well as an ecotherapist, spiritual counselor/coach, and psyche-therapeutic reader of Tarot and Runes.

Therapy is a collaborative process. In a sense, you are my guide—and I am yours. Together, we will explore your life—your wyrd—and seek for an embodied understanding of your path toward health, well-being and healing-transformation.


I encourage in all my clients the growth of self-awareness, creativity, intuition, self-love, acceptance, empowerment,  and compassion—the roots of a meaningful and purposeful life.


I am here to help you align with the natural healing power inherent within life, within you. I look forward to meeting you, learning from you and doing this important, revealing, healing and transformative work together.

Hi! My name is Matthew Ash McKernan.

Background / Qualifications

  • CA Licensed MFT#112945

  • MA in Integral Counseling Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies with a focus on Gestalt Therapy, Transpersonal Psychology and Ecopsychology, 2015

  • BA in Anthropology from The Ohio State University with a focus on the evolution of consciousness, 2006​

  • 20+ years of guided training, solo-work and group-work in meditation and ritual practice within Buddhist, Shakta Tantra, Hermetic, pagan, natural-magic traditions.

  • Author of Wyrdcraft: Healing Self and Nature Through the Mysteries of the Fates (Llewellyn, 2023).

I have been invited to offer workshops at a number of festivals/gatherings/events/venues:

Starwood Festival, Cleveland Pagan-Pride, Sirius Rising Festival, ConVocation (Detroit), Paganicon, The Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and the Occult, Mythologium, Mystic South, Winter Trothmoot, Northeast Thing, and several magical and occult shops across the country from California, to New England, to the South and Midwest.


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