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The Fires of Healing-Transformation: Archaic Revival at Starwood Festival

Nature has shown many--time and time again--that she/he/they/it is healing. Nature has shown that just being in nature is often enough to start to soothe the anxiety, depression, confusion and post-traumatic stress that accompanies being human. This is no accident; it is the nature of Nature to do this--to reveal, heal, transform and become. Anyone who has had the opportunity to spend any amount of time immersed in the natural world has experienced the truth of this first-hand. It is a great gift!

Now, imagine going into nature intentionally, prepared, ready-enough and open, with the spirit of welcoming healing-transformation in your heart. Imagine the revelatory remembering of the old ways--the revealing, healing, transformative and becoming ways that were taught by nature, through nature, and passed down through the ages by our elders--human and other-than-human alike. Imagine the trusting surrender unto nature's plan and process in this way.

Now, imagine weaving your intention (to heal, to be open, to be free, to love, to explore, etc.) together with hundreds, thousands, of others. Imagine the collective healing that results. Imagine sharing healing with others. Imagine healing flowing--going where it needs to go, flowing where it needs to flow--through the Web we are re-membering. And in the process, imagine the fragments of your soul returning to the Whole. Imagine re-membering that which you somehow forgot and somehow always knew. Ancient memory returning Home.

This is what psychonaut, author and lecturer, Terence McKenna, called the archaic revival. This archaic revival may very well be our best chance for short and long-term survival and thriving fulfillment. The archaic revival is doing many things: it reminds us of our interconnectedness and interdependence, it reminds us of our inherent beauty, strength, resilience, magic and promise, it reminds us, me, you, of your love, of my love, of our love.

Thankfully, the archaic revival is happening, right now, our indigenous, pagan, heathen and mystic soul brothers, sisters, family and lovers have not forgotten. There are many around this magical world-soul who have kept the old ways and wild mind alive. There are many who protect the Web, many who have tended the ancient flame both within and without. They do this because they know deeply it must be done--continuously.

To those who have kept dancing, singing, drumming, storytelling, to those who have kept the flame alive, thank you! Thank you Wisteria Campgrounds in southern Ohio for giving me and us a place to re-member. Thank you Starwood for the ancient reminder. Thank you for feeding the Flame.

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