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Nature as Teacher and Healer

The Natural World is home to a myriad teachers and healers. Ecotherapy (which could also just as well be called nature worhship) can help you attune to and commune with these teachers and healers. Ecotherapy teaches us how to be with Nature so that we might receive these teachings, heal, grow, adapt and transform in ways that benefit all within the Web.

Ecotherapy Practices Include:

  • forest-bathing

  • meditation

  • working with the elements

  • working with the archetypes of nature (plant, animal, nature-spirits, etc.)

  • working with nature deities

  • ritual

  • games 

  • expressive arts (poetry, writing, drawing, painting, dance, movement, music, etc.)

  • tarot / divination

  • mindful exercise

  • hiking, backpacking

  • and more...                                                                                                            *(photo by Federico Boccos)

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